Create funny photos of girls and guys on the avatar

Create funny photos of girls and guys on the avatar Avatar is a visual representation of the user in the environment of its communication.
Often people do not post their real photos, and use images of popular personalities or other characters.

I propose to create cool photo picture for girls or boys, brunettes and blondes, funny and serious, beautiful and not on the service Monoface. Here randomly you can make a face for your avatar.
Monoface works very simply and requires no registration.
You need to go to editor, put the cursor of the mouse on the part of the image you want to edit and click on it until, until the image will need.
Thus, it is possible to change the hairstyle, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and even facial expression.
Monoface, the authors argue that it is possible to create about 759,375 versions of images.
Unfortunately, the authors Monoface did not consider the possibility of downloading the finished images, so you can make a screenshot, then trim it in the editor and use as a photo for the girls or guys on the avatar.